As we seek to drive more value from data, managing data quality becomes an increasingly critical issue. Andy offers an interactive one-day training workshop to help organisations understand and improve data quality.

After this workshop delegates will:

  • Understand the key concepts of the data lifecycle and data quality
  • Understand what data quality means for their organisation: how data fails and what impact this can have
  • Understand the case for managed data quality and how that case can be articulated
  • Understand the key elements of a quality management system and how these elements might be applied to their organisation
  • Understand how data quality management sits alongside broader principles of data governance and compliance
  • Identify actionable next steps

The one-day workshop can be delivered on-site (max 12 people) or on-line (max 6 people).

This provides a cost-effective training option and the ability to focus on real organisational issues as delegates work through the various concepts and strategies.

Delegate feedback

“The day was really interesting. I found the sessions very thought provoking”

“The day gave me a really good grounding in the subject of data quality.”

“The best thing about the day was the handouts. It’s great to have something to take away and consider further.”

“The session on how data fails was good and the acknowledgement that failure can be triggered by changing requirements.”

Andy has a wealth of experience in data quality management. In the 1990s he created the HESA data quality model which underpins data collections to this day. He ran an ISO9001 quality management system for over a decade and now writes and speaks extensively on approaches to data quality.

You can download a course description here (PDF).

If you would like to discuss a data quality workshop for your organisation please get in touch.